Saturday, January 10, 2009


Please pray for Tammy's son Ephiram who has been checked into children's for testing. He is not gaining weight, has frequent resipatory infections and motor delays. They are doing testing and will be placing a feeding tube next week.

Continue to pray for Ella. Her CaringBridge site is:
Please check up on the kids listed on the sidebar with CaringBridge sites too!

Continue to pray for Lane who fell off a trampoline and cracked his skull. He will have to take it easy for three months but is at home recovering.

Please pray for my friend and fellow reflux mom's daughter Mila. She (if you remember) had heart surgery a short while back. They just determined that she is going to need surgery on her brain as well. Something about relieving the pressure on a part of her brain that controls hunger etc. I think they may be thinking that this has been part of her GI issues. Please keep Mila and the entire Cagan family in your prayers.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Please say a prayer for good weather this week and for Ella's two tests at Children's (the 17th and 18th).

Please continue to remember the people mentioned below.

I have talked with a lot of parents with babies far sicker than mine ever were this week. Please keep them in your prayers as they make the decisions on G-tube placement and fundo surgeries.

The Lord sure has a way of putting our own struggles in perspective.

If you have any to add please e-mail me at!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Greg McLean

Greg was admitted to the hospital in Oklahoma City on November 3rd after having breathing difficulties and fatigue. The doctors have schedule open heart surgery for Greg on November 12, to replace two valves. Please keep Greg and his family in your prayers.

This update is cut and paste from the FB group formed for Greg, you can visit the site here:

Greg went to Harding with me.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Drew Morlen

Please pray for Drew Morlen and family as they leave November 9th for St Jude's to start treatment for Drew's cancer. Pray the surprise they are planning for him tomorrow night will be a sucess and encouragement to Drew and his family.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Updated Page and Prayer Request

Please check out the sidebar (on the right) for the links to Caringbridge and other sites for the children on the prayer request list.

Please pray for my friend Jenn who is facing a hysterectomy to deal with her endometriosis. She is the one mentioned below who just had a miscarriage. Please keep her in your prayers!

Also remember Daniel Powers who will be having surgery on Tuesday at Children's for his back.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

More updates. THANKS!

Please remember my friend Melissa's mother in law who is dealing with the aftermath of a heart attack and had to be readmitted to drain fluid from her lungs. She also has some internal bleeding possibly due to a medication she was given.

Please also take some time to check out 5 year old Kenny's site and pray for his recovery. He and his mom Gigi were both in a car accidnet. Kenny has spinal cord injuries and is unable to move much and has to have a trach to breathe.

Gigi and my mom worked together for a long time when she was in CA. Please pray for his recovery.

Thank you all!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Add these please.

Riley 1yr old nephew of Daniel and Joanna Keys (her sister Vicky's son) will be going for surgery at Children's tomorrow to determine if a tumor he has is cancerous or not. They are pretty sure it isn't cancerous but will not know for sure until the pathology comes back.

Please pray for Carrie's son Ian who is a cancer survivor. He has had some recent problems and they are waiting for testing. You can read his journey at: